iGetting Audio

Capture music and sounds in your PC


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iGetting Audio is a Windows program that helps you capture different audios from different platforms such as Spotify, YouTube or Vimeo, among others. The sounds will be captured in a way that there is basically no loss of quality.

The iGetting Audio interface is really simple and intuitive. You can pick between capturing the sound coming for your browsing through the system or the one that’s collected by a microphone connected to your PC. To do so, you just have to start recording and decide when to stop the recording. If you opt for recording a song, the program can complete all the information of the music track such as the name of the artist, genre or release date.

One of the features that makes iGetting Audio such a powerful program is that it offers several formats for you output files such as MP3, AAC, FLAC or WMA. That way, you don’t have to worry about compatibility problems once you get the files.

If you want to capture existing files from any Internet platform, program or portal and save them in your device without losing the quality, iGetting Audio is a complete Windows tool that helps you achieve your goal in the most precise way.

Windows XP or greater is required

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